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Men's Locker, Highgate Golf Club

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Changing rooms provide one of the first impressions in any leisure facility and judgement can be made instantly. Using this Gold Standard throughout our processes, we deliver bespoke changing room lockers to clients across a range of sectors.

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Reputations can be won or lost in the changing rooms, where individuals can feel very self-conscious in their varying states of dress.

Craftsman Lockers’ expertise is not only in manufacturing great lockers and ancillary furniture but more importantly space planning the changing areas to provide a logical sequence to facilities and space to change.

Our work includes the design and installation of changing room furniture including: Golf lockers, Gym Lockers, Rental lockers, Valuables Lockers, Changing room lockers, Wooden lockers, Coin/Card operated lockers, Bespoke/Handmade lockers, Electronic/Digital lockers and much more...

Just a few of Our Clients, they had the vision...

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  • craftsman-lockers-luxury-hotels-leisure-changing-room-locker-designs-hand-picked-hotelsl
  • craftsman-lockers-luxury-hotel-lockers-and-changing-room-design-and-build-hilton
  • craftsman-lockers-bespoke-locker-designs-royal-albert-hall
  • craftsman-lockers-luxury-lockers-and-changing-room-design-and-build-celtic-manor-resort
  • craftsman-lockers-luxury-lockers-and-changing-room-design-and-build-marriott